Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why the name "BARFI"?

There have been many speculations as to why is anurag basu's latest movie named BARFI. Well, few days ago I came up with an interesting theory which i thought i should share with you.

I initially shared it with @dunkdaft (owner of www.dunkdaft.com) who also felt that this could be a possibility. however i wasn't too sure whether this was a true assumption or just a mere weird idea of my brain. finally today i decided to post it. 

Ranbir kapoor is named MURPHY in the movie. Now from what i've learnt as a doctor, a mute person does have little speech, but the way he pronounces words is different. This is mainly because when we speak, we use our lips, tongue and our palate. By combining these three, we produce sounds and various syllables like M, B, P, T, etc. Each syllable is produced by different combinations of touching of the above 3 mentiones structures. You yourself can try it by pronouncing different consonants.

A mute person cannot do this entire thing effectively, because there lies a defect in this mechanism.
Which is why when he wishes to pronounce M, he ends up saying B.

So now- correlate- When ranbir intends to speak his own name, what do we end up hearing? THATS RIGHT- "BARFI".

As i said, this is just a theory which i thought. Let's see whether this is true or not!


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  1. well it seems this assumption is actually correct. see this site here - http://www.bollymeaning.com/2012/08/why-is-movie-called-barfi.html

    this matches my assumption...