Friday, August 31, 2012


Vishal shekhar have had a phenomenal year so far. Kahaani and shanghai both boasted of a mind blowing soundtrack. It was a pity that most of the songs were not included in the movies. One looks forward to see what the duo compose for karan johar’s movie. With three totally new actors and a “typical karan johar first trailer”, it remains to be seen what the music will be like.

“DISCO DEEWANE” or “THE DISCO SONG” : Vishal shekhar take up the very famous song of the yesteryears and make it into a new song, adding a newer tune, some beats and retaining the “disco deewane” loop. To be frank, when I first heard it, I didn’t like it at all. Compared to the original one by nazia hassan, this one fell flat. But after repeated hearings, I feel it is not that bad. The violin portions in between are simply awesome. That signature tune is seriously nice. Benny dayal and sunidhi chauhan do a decent job. An average song.

“RADHA” is sung by 4 singers. Shreya ghoshal starts the song beautifully with a classical tune. Just when you feel this is going to be a full on classical radha – Krishna song, the raag, the classical-ness vanish to be replaced by groovy beats. Yet, the song is good overall. Shreya ghoshal’s singing is superb. She is ably assisted by vishal and shekhar as they make this song an energetic one. The rap portions however are bad. And what’s with this word “sexy”? Every single movie of karan johar has this word somewhere – either in the dialogues or in the songs. Come off it KJo. You have kajol. Kindly don’t resort to such stupid lucky charms.
And you rope in a great and versatile playback singer like udit narayan who is senior to all of you to sing 30 seconds? That is seriously not done.

“RATTA MAAR”: Really? What the hell was that? You expect us to believe that students actually STUDY in this “gym” college of karan johar? BAH. Don’t joke with us. Well actually that is the only reason why they would have to rattofy.
Coming back to the song, an average tune with some good singing by vishal and shefali alvaris. We’ve heard a similar song with similar lyrics in agnee’s “Aalaap” earlier this year. However the anthemish tune stays with you.
As I said, the lyrics would have suited a movie like “3 idiots” perhaps, but for this movie, the song seems out of place. Hummable. 

“ISHQ WALA LOVE” comes as a respite. Shekhar and salim merchant together is a dream pair. I had always wanted to listen them sing together. Together they make this song a serene and beautiful listen. The guitars and the tabla used are superb. Aasma girl neeti mohan does her part well. Overall this the best song of the album. Simple, melodious and well sung.

“KUKKAD” is another ordinary song. a typical Punjabi tune sung in a typical Punjabi voice by shahid mallya, this song describes the HERO (don’t ask me which one.)
A song that would perhaps make an interesting background or introduction song, it is avoidable as a lone audio track.

“VELE” is very addictive stuff, definitely. Shekhar’s singing makes all the difference. Another club number, it is different from the usual disco stuff, and is an enjoyable listen. I loved this one.

“MASHUP OF THE YEAR” is done by that mashup man kiran kamath who keeps on releasing various mashups every now and then. Something different for all those who have got bored by remixes, this one is a remix featuring all 6 songs. A song made for the DJ’s, it is okay. When only three out of six tracks work for you, it is obvious the mashup wont work either.

OVERALL, after kahaani and shanghai, this one is a bit low compared to their standards. There are places where vishal shekhar go the salim sulaiman way, that is they rehash some of their own tunes. It has potential in the form of Radha, Ishq wala love and vele, plus it has disco deewane which despite being okay-ish will do well. An album which works in bits and pieces, I expected a lot more from the duo.


MY RATINGS – 7 / 10

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