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So finally we have a full album release after the very popular “Go Go Govinda” released 3 weeks ago (On the occasion of Janmashtami, which is quite natural). For those who don’t know, OMG is based on a famous Gujarati play “Kanjibhai v/s kanjibhai”. After a hilarious and impressive trailer and a hit Janmashtami track, let us see what the rest of the soundtrack of OMG has to offer.

“GO GO GO GOVINDA” is already a chartbuster material. It has been played in localities all around me during the janmashtami festival, and it is seriously addictive stuff. Appearing in two versions, the first one is by Mika and Shreya ghoshal. Himesh uses the famous “Govinda Aala re” loop and builds an entire song around it. Featuring Prabhudeva and Sonakshi sinha in a promotional video, this song is foot tapping and has a good tune. The song has a reprise version where Mika is removed and Aman Trikha sings along with shreya.

I personally liked Aman’s version more than mika’s version. A highly massy song from himesh reshammiya after a long time.

“DON’T WORRY (HEY RAAM)” is sung by Benny dayal. Composed by Himesh, here again he uses the guitar loop from the old song “Dum maaro dum” and makes a new song. Benny sings well, but overall it is an average composition. With a promotional video, it might work.

“TU HI TU” is himesh’s last composed song in the film. We are familiar with pritam making 2-3 reprises and unplugged versions of the same time (He made 4 versions of Raabta). Himesh surpasses him with FIVE versions of the song including a remix.

Well, talking about the composition, it is a very good one no doubt. ONCE AGAIN himesh uses a known tune in loop and creates a new song. I liked the song. Talking about the various versions,

MOHAMMAD IRFAN’S and ASH KING”S versions are the best of the lot. While mohammad irfan is brilliant, ash king shines in an unplugged version. Both these singers sound flawless and fresh.

SURAJ JAGAN’s version is passable.
There is a track of one and a half minutes by Zubeen garg which is agan the same tune. This one is good.
The remix – I haven’t heard, and I don’t plan to either.

Meet Bros. Anjann compose one track named “MERE NISHAAN”. This song is sung by Kailesh Kher and he is at his poignant best. With wonderful lyrics, this song is written from God’s point of view. The song as it progresses has an addictive chorus loop sung on a higher scale by the composers themselves. This one worked for me.

The last track is by composers Sachin – Jigar.

“HARI BOL” is undoubtedly the BEST SONG of the album. I may be a little biased towards this one, but then I’m a Gujarati. This one is an out and out gujarati folk song, and it goes without saying that Keerthi Sagathia is the perfect choice for the song. with traditional “bhavai” tunes and beats, this song is high on energy and has some amazing beats. Midway the tempo changes, giving way to a garba beat for a while, before the song reverts back to its original fast tempo. This song which plays in the movie’s trailer, describes Kanji Bhai a.k.a Paresh Rawal. Expect this song to play many times in the background.
Keerthi’s singing is as usual excellent. This is addictive stuff from Sachin jigar. The arrangements, beats and choice of singer are perfect.

“KRISHNA THEME” is an instrumental flute theme featuring renowned flute player Paras Nath. This song is a beautiful piece and paras nath excels. This is two minutes of pure bliss.

OVERALL, This album is definitely more than what I had expected. For a comedy flick, the soundtrack is definitely good. Another thing, majority of the songs are related to Krishna bhagwan, which means they will be used for akshay kumar. This is an added bonus, as the tunes are already massy anough. Add to that the star value of akshay kumar, and you have few chartbusters on the way.

An entertaining above average score by the three composers. While the two individual composers shine in their respective singles, himesh is still not upto the mark. Here he produces massy tracks, but I still miss that old himesh prior to his becoming a singer – who produced some fine melodies.

MY RATINGS – 7 / 10

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  1. Well I liked your review somewhat but I don't agree with you that Himesh is not up to the mark.If whole album was given to HR it will create wonders however the others composers done well.Don't worry is amazing innovative song with different catchy lyrics and this album definitely belongs to HR because the album is hit due to the name of HR and Go Go Govinda.