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Sanjay leela bhansali’s sister Bela leela segal makes her debut with this fim. After starting her career as an assistant director 33 years ago in vidhu vinod chopra’s film “Parinda”, she has editor for all of SLB’s films until now.

With a rather unique pair of Boman irani and “debutante” Farah Khan, the promos of this film promise it to be an out and out romantic comedy.
While SLB’s films have always had brilliant music, it remains to be seen how Jeet Ganguly (Of the former pair jeet - pritam) fares. After delivering a fairly good soundtrack in “Blood Money”, let’s see what he gives us here –

ISHQ MEIN TERE BINA” sounds like a song straight from the 90’s. the song starts nicely with beautiful guitar and harmonica. Overall, there is nothing new in the tune. K.K and shreya ghoshal sing the song very well. A song that is sweet, harmless and hummable, this one wont have a long shelf life.

KHATTI MEETHI” once again sounds like a 90’s song. This one however is better than the previous one, courtesy shreya ghoshal’s singing and some different lyrics by amitabh bhattacharya. Going by the lyrics, this seems to be the introduction song for farah khan. Well, it’s hard to imagine farah dance on such a song. But then that mother of 3 children is very much capable of surprising us. (Remember that cameo in jaane kahaan se aayi hai? Cute and neat).
Plus she is paired with one of the finest actors in recent times boman irani.

KAAFIR ANDHERE” The song begins sounding quite similar to “Bheegi bheegi” of Gangster. (Or maybe is it just me who thinks so?)
K.K is his usual self – melodious and soothing. The soft beginning gives way to heavy guitars and some high notes. A song depicting angst and pain, K.K’s voice exudes every bit of it. A superb song.

KUKU DUKU” – The moment you see mohit chauhan’s name, you expect something good. However here he sounds a bit different. This fun song describes a guy narrating his meeting with a girl. The lyrics are conversation – like, and mohit’s singing makes this song a cheerful and nice song. The icing on the cake is the use of gujarati words – “Gadhero” (Donkey) and “Ghelsappo” (Well being a gujarati, I know what it means, but I have no idea what it means in English. something like a dumb fellow. well i think you got it.).
The tune of the line “gadhera gadhera ghelsappa” resembles that of the recent song “pam para pa” from agnee’s directorial debut “AALAAP”.
Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

SHIRIN FARHAD KI TOH NIKAL PADI” is a textbook pritam tune, with neeraj shridhar singing this. The lyrics are good, and the tune is okay. Neeraj sings it the way he sings all such songs. The track will be apt in the background of the film. Or they might even include a promo video in the beginning or the end of the film. Listen to it once. Not much repeat value.

RAMBA MEIN SAMBA” is sung by usha uthup. This one didn’t at all work for me. The lyrics by faraz alir are nice. But an average tune and “nothing-to-write-home-about” singing by usha uthup bring it down.

OVERALL, a decent soundtrack by jeet ganguly. Baring the last two tracks I mentioned, the other 4 songs are done well. Jeet’s use of instruments in all songs is a plus. They sound soothing and do a lot at times to compensate for the mediocre melody. however quite a few of the above tracks are a remake of his own bengali compositions.

MY PICKS – Kaafir andhere, Kuku duku, khatti meethi

MY VERDICT - 6 / 10

P.S - Now, initially I found it a bit difficult to imagine the voices of K.K and mohit chauhan for boman irani. But after two hearings, they don’t matter, for I’m sure the actor will fit perfectly once the song videos come out.

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  1. Hey digant, great review, I agree with pretty much everything you say! And you're right, the beginning of Kaafir Andhere does sound similar to that of Bheegi Bheegi. Check out my review!