Monday, July 30, 2012


“KAAFIRANA” is composed by guest composer Gaurav Dagaonkar (of the song College Days fame) who recently composed a song or two in vikram bhatt’s film “Lanka”. It is disgusting as to what heights the makers of this film are going to promote this song. The entire controversy about FAKHT and JUST is irritating and pointless. Coming back to the song, I expected something out of this world as it had “THE” Chitrangada featuring in it. But the song is a big disappointment. It has nothing new to offer, only adding itself to the countless boring item songs this year. But if you consider silly beats and a beaten-to-death-tune as a rocking song, then you will like it.
For me, I’d grudgingly listen to it only because the accompanying video features chitrangada. However, I’d prefer ALIVA and TAJ MAHAL CHAI (maan gaye saif) to this song anyday.
In any case, the song is going to be a hit irrespective of what critics say.

“JUGNU” brings back Udit Narayan after a long time. This is an inspirational song, which I am waiting to see how it will be picturized. The beats of the song are really nice and different. Add to that the ever melodious and soothing voice of Udit narayan. He just about gets the low notes right in the initial portions of the song, but is flawless in the high notes in the antara.
G.V Prakash arranges the song really well. A special mention to the last one minute of the song which sees an orchestrated performance, giving one the feeling of a concert.
Innovative and very much like your uncle Mr. Prakash.

“SUNG RAJA” is sung by Daler mehndi and Sonu Kakkar. A multi-lingual (!) song, this one has some genuinely addictive beats. Daler paaji sings it in his usual style, never over doing his part. He modulates his voice at various places and produces good results. Sonu kakkar has little to do and does it well. G.V Prakash gives two good ones in a row.

“YEH JOKER” is an extremely heavy-on-instruments song. Sung by sonu nigam in a superb manner, shweta pandit has less to do. The song appears to be a situational one. Nothing bad, but as a standout audio song, it is just about okay. The tune is also kind of a heard-before one. Lets see what the video offers.

It is obvious that this piece will be used when the alien (or whatever it is in those horrid costumes) arrives. A heavily orchestrated piece, I liked it.

TEARS OF JOKER: Ironically, this instrumental piece is the best track of the album. G.V Prakash uses his instruments very well and gives us a moving and melodious three minute piece. There is some brilliant use of tabla in the song, alongwith a classical touch in the latter part. It is really commendable for prakash to use a totally new tune for an instrumental song. However, a song based on the same tune, and sung by perhaps sonu nigam would have sounded lovely. What say?

OVERALL, an impressive debut by G.V Prakash. While I haven’t heard any of his tamil works, I liked his work here. There is a different feel to his songs, which I am guessing will work well. Baring one song, he is really good in the rest of them. There is nothing extraordinary or path breaking about his music, but then I doubt if a movie like JOKER needs anything more than this. Shirish kunder could have hired a lyricist instead of doing it himself. Why don’t you edit and direct? Let the people who know their job do it?
As for Gaurav Dagaonkar, he gave us two really beautiful songs in the film “Lanka” – Sheet leher and Barham hai hum. Not to forget the college anthem College days. Roping him for just one song, that too an item song is underestimating his talent.

MY VERDICT - 7 / 10


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