Saturday, July 7, 2012


“ABHI ABHI” sees K.K in his usual avatar, this time however he sounds soft at times and very melodious than his usual slightly sharp voice. The song begins with a tune similar to “aahatein” (agnee), but soon develops into a wonderful bhatt-ish tune. Overall, soothing and nice. Dr arko pravo mukherjee does a good job as composer. He even writes the lyrics along with munish makhija.

The duet version sees shreya ghoshal attempting a very low scale. Even then, she is good as usual, and the duet is equally good as the solo.

“DARTA HOON” is sung by Pakistani band “Rushk”. A dark, sombre and haunting song, this one is definitely good, but will take time to be liked. A slightly situational song, it will have its own audience.

“HEY WALLA” is sung by Maldives singer unoosha and composed by abdul baasith saaed. In one word, it is horrible. Total crap. The song starts with an irritating techno tune, followed by English lyrics and an absurd chorus of “hey walla”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this song will showcase sunny leone’s oomph and assets. But dear pooja bhatt, as it is no one’s gonna pay heed to the song when she’s gonna be on screen. So why did you even bother including this craptastic song?

“YEH KASOOR” composed by mithoon is a beautiful song. Sonu kakkar starts off shakily, but soon gets it right. A soothing slow almost unplugged track, this could well have been a ghazal, had the arrangements been so. I liked it after 2 hearings.

And then comes ALI AZMAT. Yes, that “garaj baras” singer. Now people have diverse opinions regarding his kind of singing. Well, I loved his track from paap. Here again, pooja bhatt ropes him to produce the 2 best tracks of the album, both composed by dr arko.

“YEH JISM” belongs to the “vikram bhatt genre” (haunted, 1920). With beautiful piano work, this “inspired” song is taken to high levels courtesy ali azmat’s singing. In his usual style, he jumps an entire scale upwards, and the result is brilliant.

“MAULA”, which pooja bhatt had claimed that it will blow you away, almost lives upto the expectations. The instrument here is a violin, and some damn good use of it in the background. Ali azmat is phenomenal. The dam da dam loop is nice too.

OVERALL, engaging in almost songs, jism 2 is dark, melodious and dares to be different from the usual bhatt-ish albums. Baring one track, this album is definitely worth listening to.

My verdict – 7/10

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