Thursday, July 19, 2012


After a huge album containing 14 tracks, the wasseypur fellows are back with part 2. this album has 13 more songs including instrumentals and second versions.

A special thanks to lyricist varun grover whose post on moifightclub was very useful. you can read it HERE.

DIL CHICHHA LEDAR” is sung by a 13 year old girl from Andhra Pradesh named Durga. Apparently this word “CHICHHA LEDAR” is a common north indian word suggested to varun grover by anurag kashyap himself. With nonsensical yet amazing lyrics by varun grover, this song is awesome. Sneha khanwalkar cleverly uses some unique background instruments. The result is a fantastic track which is already becoming very popular.

3 years before, irshad kamil gave us “CHOR BAZAARI”. Now varun grover gives us “COAL BAZAARI”. “KAALA RE” is sung by the composer herself, has a haunting feel to it. With a constant “hitting” sound in the background, sneha’s singing falters at many places. And still, you somehow come to like this song by the time it ends. Again fantastic use of instruments in the background. Looks like sneha is still in the “sound trippin” mood.

ELECTRIC PIYA” – I was expecting another Womaniya, but sadly it didn’t reach anywhere close. This so called chutney music sung by rasika rani is a carribean style song. Right from the first line where rasika pronounces “ELECTRIC” in an American way, this song is downright irritating. Yes, the harmonium and tabla beats are superb, and the lyrics are hilarious, but the singing didn’t work for me. From what varun grover says, we’ll understand this song once we see the movie. Lets see.

TAAR BIJLI” is sung by padmashree sharda sinha. A complete folk wedding song, this song is engaging in parts. I didn’t quite lap it up. A song which will find its own audience, this one is a decent listen. Go form your own opinion.

AABROO” is a fantastic track. A brilliantly penned song, this track describes the election campaign and the interaction between the two candidates. Piyush mishra writes the lyrics as well as sings it. He is accompanied by bhupesh singh who is good too. One of the best tracks in the album, this one had me in splits by the end when the singers sing “haji maula haji maula”, which sounds more like hajmola hajmola…

MOORA” means moorakh or fool. This is the BEST song of the album. From his college and hostel days, varun grover summons up two novel words – “FRUSTIYAAO” and “NARBHASAAO”. The calypso band in the song is amazing and very beautiful to hear. Sneha’s singing THIS TIME is spot on.

The song appears a second time sung by Deepak kumar. With its own improvisations over the first version, this one is equally engaging.

“BOHUT KHOOB” is a song which was totally unplanned. Sneha had gone to Beriya village in muzzafarpur, bihar where the school children, awed by the urban people surrounded them. Sneha asked them to recite a poem which she recorded. This was then made into a song. With no particular melody, this song is wonderful and a delight to listen. I was smiling by the time the song finished.
As if this was not enough, the song appears once again, as an “8 – bit version” where those SUPER MARIO sounds are mixed in the song. Nice. Unique.

“KKL” – This one is even more sinister than the original version of part 1. A song which is LOUD, filled with unimaginable sounds and perfect background material, this is a perfect end to the album.

Two themes appear – “TUNYA” and “PERPENDICULAR”. Weird, unneeded, they are just mtv sound trippin leftovers.

OVERALL, GOW 2 is nowhere in comparison with the first album. No buhar ke laala, no hunter, no womaniya, and no IK BAGAL and MANMAUJI. In short, very less of melody, and more of instrumentation, experimentation and crazy music. I was a little disappointed as I had expected a bit more, considering the awesome GOW 1.

BUT to compose 27 tracks is no joke. A special mention for varun grover’s awesome lyrics. As he mentioned in his post, he had been writing the songs since two long years, and his effort clearly shows. And lastly, that genius named SNEHA KHANWALKAR. All I wish to say to you is – “BOHUT KHOOB BOHUT KHOOB BOHUT KHOOB…!!!”

MY RATINGS – 7 / 10


  1. Ek chhota sa correction. I didn't mean that Anurag coined the term 'chhichaledar'. It's a very well known Hindi word, used commonly in North India. It means 'to mess up completely.' I just meant Anurag Kashyap suggested the word to me to be used for a song.

    1. sorry. i have corrected it... thanks for reading the post...

  2. @digi I haven't heard it in full yet, but at some points, I felt you have given less credit than deserved, to Sneha especially.

    @Varun: I know about chhichaledar, hit me the first time I heard it. But are you trying give two meanings here with chhichha? As in, the word sounds like it means clean here, even though I don't think chhichha is a word.

    And yes, if you're following this, I completely fell in love with kaala re. The song has got a soul, and for that you and Sneha both deserve accolades.

    1. no harshit, if you felt so, i'm sorry. she has done a brilliant job. no doubt about that. its just that the first one's songs still are fresh.

    2. @Harshit: Nahin bhai...ek hi matlab hai. Poora word 'chhichhaledar' hi hai aur waise hi use kiya gaya hai. Just that the song's pattern is such that singer sings it as 'chhichha-ledar' with a small pause in between.

      And thanks for the kind words. :)