Wednesday, July 18, 2012


“MASHALLAH”: ”Salman Bhai jaan’s favorite Sajid wajid get to compose 1 song. As usual, sajid wajid do what they always do. A highly mediocre and ordinary tune is converted into a song. BUT their plus point – they always create a fantastic signature tune loop. Even in rowdy rathore, they did it. Here too, the initial tune on the harmonica is addictive, already being the ringtone of several people I’m sure. Wajid’s singing is okay, and shreya ghoshal’s voice is good. She has sung in 2 different scales which have been superimposed upon each other. I don’t quite dig this style. Why not let the singer sing in just one scale? Anyway, the song is already a hit, thanks to a superb video featuring Katrina kaif in an awesome belly dancing avatar (drool..) and salman looking as good as he always does.

Sohail sen takes over sajid wajid for the remaining 3 songs of the album. THANK GOD.

“LAAPATAA” has a carnival tune, the song reminiscent of “salaami” (Dhoom) in many places. After mere brother ki dulhan, K.K again teams up with sohail sen. A very refreshing song, K.K sings it very well. He is aided by palak muchhal who sounds brilliant too. Her voice resembles shreya ghoshal’s voice a lot. Is she the same Palak who sang that beautiful “NAINO NE” from Sohail’s last film “FROM SYDNEY WITH LOVE”?
The piano loop is very catchy. Overall, a fast paced song which is instantly catchy. A very good start by sohail.

“BANJARA” is sung by the ever dependent Sukhwinder singh. The opening 5 seconds sound exactly like “Dil gira dafatan’s” (Delhi 6) opening. But soon a melodious chorus takes over. There is some very good use of violin in the background. Add to this some thumping beats and sukhwinder’s powerful voice, makes this a song which is full of energy. I’m waiting to see how it will be picturized on salman khan.

“SAIYAARA” is easily the BEST song of the album. A beautiful tune, with some impeccable singing by mohit chauhan. His voice is so soothing that you cant help but fall in love with this song instantly. His low notes as well as high ones are awesome. Taraannum malik makes an entry in the antara, and her voice is perfect for the mood of the song. The piano loop I talked about in “Laapata” again is heard here in the interludes. The lyrics are beautiful. They however are sad and tragic, and I cannot help but think what will happen to salman khan in the end of the movie.

Lastly, there is the “TIGER THEME” by Julius packiam. It is the same tune which appeared in the trailer of the film. The tune is played with different instruments and on different scales, making this 3 minute theme an engaging one. As it is, salman khan’s movies always have had good themes, be it wanted or dabbang.

OVERALL, a very massy album, with some simple, easy-on-the-ears tunes. And with the type of fan following salman has, every song is bound to be a chartbuster. A typical salman khan album, it has everything – a dance number, romantic number and a sad song. After few heavy albums in the last month, this one is a relief. Simple, melodious and effective.

MY RATING : 8.5 / 10
P.S : I searched palak muchhal name on wikipedia and what I found was astonishing. Apparently she is a 19 year old teenager and has been singing since 1997. She sings in 17 different languages. Along with her brother, she sings for charity and collects money for heart patients. And look at all the accolades – silver medal by the vice president, winner of Cadbury bournvita confidence champions (OH YES. NOW I REMEMBER HER NAME. SHE WAS THAT CUTE GIRL WHO WON).
She has also won the Rajiv Gandhi award in 2005 which she shared with Mukesh Ambani and Sushmita Sen. And she has also featured in the Limca book and Guiness book of world records. WOAH !!!


  1. Sad to see there are no comments yet. I was expecting some.

    Frankly Doc, this is probably your best review, if I have missed some. In a small album, you do your research well and talk about things quite in detail. Loved it. To tell the truth, felt this was a more honest effort than my own. Keep this up.

  2. Thanks a lot harshit. Not many ppl comment. I'm still a newcomer. Gradually improving my blog.

  3. Very well written indeed.
    And whoa! that trivia. Thanks for that info man.
    Yet to hear the album, will do soon probably.

    1. thank you dunkdaft... waiting for your review.

  4. nice writeup dear.. keep it up

  5. I completely agree with your review! And yes, that is the same Palak that sang Naino Ne from FSWL! I think she will have a great future in the music industry.

  6. can u tl me d piano music when salman hv gift to katrina in movie