Tuesday, July 10, 2012


“PAA PARAA PAA” is a fun track, as it talks about a student – teacher interaction and college life. Lyrics are by mohan himself. A purely situational song, this song starts off well, but it is the antara that makes it better, especially the “Ruu ruu ruu” chorus. Singing by nikhil D’souza, bonnie chakraborty and dhruv shrikent is good. A lot depends on how this song is picturized. It might do wonders if picturized and promoted well.

MANDATORY ITEM SONG. This one is named “CHADHTI JAWANI”. And for a change, after a long time, I liked an item song. There is a strong folk flavor, which is what works. Another thing that works is kanika joshi’s impressive singing. Add to that, a short cameo by bonnie chakraborty in the last 1 minute. Nothing extraordinary, but when every movie is belting out useless outdated item songs ALL sung by mamta sharma, this one is quite a respite.

“SONIYE” – Contrary to your belief that this is a love song, let me tell you – this is a patriotic song. For the first time India has been referred to as “soniye”. Well, frankly the lyrics didn’t work for me. Mohan sings this one with utmost sincerity. It reminds you of Naav (Udaan) at few places. An okay-ish song, I’m hoping for a salvage-able video.

Now for the 3 best songs –

“SHURUWAT PYAAR KI” is one of the sweetest romantic tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Mohan himself plays the backing acoustic guitars, and does a brilliant job. Yamini lavanian sings very effortlessly. The song gets even better in the antara, and then leads to nikhil D’souza who sings the 2nd antara. Nikhil is top notch, his vocals completely matching with the romantic mood of the track. Lyrics by pancchi jalonvi (dus bahaane fame) are simple and okay.
Sweet, serene, and lazy, this one is getting on me after 3 hearings.

“EK NAYEE ROSHNI” is sung by mohan. The first rock song, this one, in one word, is a CRESCENDO.
Mohan starts off with rather low note, sounding like faisal kapadia (Strings), but he comfortably croons them. Gradually changing scale, mohan finally goes to sing at his highest scale until now (If I’m not mistaken). His singing is awesome, flawless, baring one or two high notes. He alone elevates this song from a routine rock song to a mind blowing and well sung track.

“DIL YE AWAAZ DE” begins with a haunting chorus, before leading the way for newcomer Meera shenoy. Her voice is cute, shrill and pleasant. But I was blown apart with mohan’s entry. He is again superb. Be it the aalaap with which he makes his entry, or the chorus, he is phenomenal, making this THE best song of the album.

OVERALL, a confident and rock solid bollywood debut by AGNEE. And it is mohan’s show all the way. His singing is brilliant, proof enough that he ought to sing more. Welcome to bollywood Agnee !

MY RATING : 8/10   


  1. hello.i am really thankful for your wonderful comments for the music of my film..for been honest towards the film i have edited fav song of yours..so you can make out how hard we have worked hard to make the film crisp and better for viewers..again thanx to you..regards..Manish Manikpuri Director Aalaap..

  2. “SHURUWAT PYAAR KI” is really a chart buster, you are right when you said " (it) is one of the sweetest romantic tracks I’ve heard in a long time". Yamini is just too good! And Nikhil's great! Agnee has written a super duper hit here! I am sure the movie rocks too!!