Thursday, June 14, 2012


What has suddenly befallen pritam? Churning out massive hits one after the other. Well, my expectations from cocktail were humongous. With the two promo tracks making me crazy, i was looking forward to a cracker of an album. Does he deliver? Let's find out.
*TUM HI HO BANDHU* the track which is already a sensation everywhere sees the very soulful kavita seth trying a new genre. And she aces it. One thing i loved about this song was the female lead's dominance over the male lead neeraj shridhar. It's good to see pritam do this, especially after composing all male singer dominated albums for the bhatts. The loop by neeraj is flawless. And so is the track.
*DAARU DESI* starts with some nice guitar strings before benny dayal and shalmali 'pareshaan' kholgade take over. Average lyrics, some really good singing by both the singers and a really good tune with some addictive beats. This song again has already become a huge hit.
Drums initiate the song *YAARIYAAN* sung by k.mohan and shilpa rao. Beautiful lyrics about separation and friendship, mohan's rendition- both with the low as well as high notes is brilliant. Check out those totally unplugged moments when you can actually listen to his breath inbetween lines. Touches the heart. Here's one singer who is finally getting his due in bollywood. First LIFE YE MAUSAMBI, and now this- pritam is extracting the best from mohan.
Shilpa rao gets a small portion but doesn't disappoint.
The song has a *reprise* version where the singers are reversed- sunidhi chauhan takes up mohan's lines. Arijit singh meanwhile fills up for shilpa rao. This song is equally beautiful. Soulfulness at its very best.
*SECOND HAND JAWAANI* Ummm.. Nothing grossly bad about this song. It is peppy enough to be a decent listen. But i've had enough of these item songs. Nonetheless this one will find its own audience.
*TERA NAAM JAPDI PHIRAN* starts off with shefali alvaris's voice, before the talented javed bashir takes over. The song further crosses a genre with nikhil dsouza humming english lyrics. An ordinary tune, but good packaging with fabulous singing.
*JUGNI* After tanu weds manu and sahib biwi gangster, here's one more version of jugni. This one has been taken from coke studio's reason. The fantastic arif lohar sings this one too, accompanied by harshdeep kaur. The singing is impeccable, and the instrumentation is brilliant. This one is a must listen.
If you thought jugni was brilliant, wait till you hear *LUTTNA* In one word- this is a KILLER song. The highly unusual beats coupled with the outstanding singing and the climactic loop of LUTTNA makes this the best song of the album.
There's another version of the song, a slightly mellowed down version, which is equally awesome.
PHEW... What a bloody album. Pritam nails this one. This year is turning out to be fantastic for him. An above average AGENT VINOD, A highly melodious JANNAT and a poignant and pure FERRARI KI SAWAARI, COCKTAIL Is better than all of these. The songs perfectly fit in with the mood of the film. Plus a very big plus point is the choice of singers. Pritam chooses singers with finesse and the results show.
This is one COCKTAIL i'd love to get drunk to.
Wanna get high? Have this cocktail. HIGH ON MUSIC.


  1. wow. what a great review by you sir. simply awesome. PRITAM ROCKSSS

  2. Yeah I liked the album as well. I already linked you to my review (or you can click my username and get to my blog Pardesi Beat that way too). I think you enjoyed the music a bit more than I did, but Pritam definitely did do a good job with this!