Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music review KEVI RITE JAISH

This is reason enough to celebrate- for the first time, a gujarati film is all set to promoted on a national level. The first time i saw the trailer of KRJ, I was impressed. Here was a gujarati film which looked fresh, urban and promising. Even more exciting was the news that suraj jagan was singing a "rock" song in gujarati in the film.
And so with a lot of expectations, i downloaded all the soundtracks from the film's official website, somewhat stunned by the massive playback singers list.

"KEVI RITE JAISH" starts of beautifuly and the soulful voice of roopkumar rathod only enhances the beauty of the song. A song which highlights the yearning of a person who is about to leave his family and go to u.s.a, jainesh panchal's lyrics are touching and simple. The song also has two more versions- a sad instrumental version where sandeep kulkarni impresses with the flute, and an unplugged version sung by aman lekhadia which is no doubt very good, but not as good as the original.

"PANKHIDA" has chartbuster written all over it. With hardcore rock background beats and some equally hardcore rock singing by suraj jagan (who is known for this kind of singing), this song has some hilarious lyrics again by jainesh panchal. I never have liked suraj jagan's screaming avatar.i prefer his softer songs more. But here i just loved him. A rock song in gujarati is sensation enough.

"AA SAFAR" is a romantic duet sung by parthiv gohil and aishwarya majmudar. A simple tune with some bits of classical pieces which i believe is raag bhimpalasi, both the flawless singers take this song to another level. I loved this one.

"KHAREKHAR" composed and sung by vishvesh parmar is an imaginative track. Jainesh panchal's lyrics are different and nice, while the vishal dadlani like voice of vishvesh parmar sounds good. All in all, a decent track. Not bad.

"RANG RANGILI" is sung by the popular rj dhvanit of radio mirchi ahmedabad. With fun lyrics by poet raeesh maniar, this song sounds exactly like the OST of some gujarati serial. A funny take on gujarati patels, this song which introduces us to the BACHUBHAI PARIVAR will mostly be situated in the starting of the movie. A good listen.

"KAYA KARAANO THI" sees the composer mehul surti himself behind the mike. With a very unique "whispering" prelude, this songs is brilliant. A situational sad song no doubt, it has some good tabla beats and lyrics by guest lyricist vivek manohar taylor. I liked this song. It is different, might require two three hearings,but then it grows upon you.

"BHEENI BHEENI" is the last song to appear. With lyrics by raeesh maniyar, this song is a beauty. Literally. Aishwarya majmudar's voice is perfect and flawless and very soothing to hear. There is another uncredited male voice which too is good. The song does bear a resemblance to "BARSO RE" at few places. The best track according to me.

Music director mehul surti does a brilliant job, creating some fabulous tunes and roping in some of the finest singers. The lyrics of this album are a major plus point.
With all the hype and buzz the trailer of KRJ created, i expected something good from the soundtrack. But i got something even better. Not a single song is bad or not worth listening. The album has a good mix of soulful songs, chartbuster songs and romantic ones, ensuring that it will find a large audience ranging from the youth to the elderly. This one is a sure shot winner.
Hoping that this film redefines gujarati cinema.
જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત

P.S- I'm already smitten by veronica kalpana gautam. Cute:-)

MY RATINGS : 8 / 10


  1. boss first time i am waiting for gujju movie. If it is not going to release it in bangalore i ll travel to mumbai and watch it. All the best to KRJ team.

  2. It was all the way a new experience with Gujju movie, I guess this movie and the music will act as a virtual mile-stone for many film makers in Gujarat... and has already set a new trend which does not have those 'Dhoti-kurta' and 'chanya-choli' things in it.
    Every song is going well with the movie and hit the urban touch sharply. Mehul has done a wonderful job, in fact he always does...
    I wish we see this team again again for forthcoming movies in Gujarat...
    Wish the team all the best...
    -Saurabh Desai