Sunday, May 27, 2012


After all those "anurag kashyap chamchaas" have given their over the top reviews, here's one from me.i took a lot of time to write it,mainly because it took me time to get averse to the multi-layered songs. Jeeya tu bihar by manoj tiwari is brilliant. The choice of singer is perfect, the arrangements by sneha khanwalkar are too good. As it is,this song is already a big hit. HUNTER- i wont talk about the double meaning thing.already lot has been said. Nonetheless, a fun innovative track. Will be a hit courtesy the lyrics and the carribean flavor. WOMANIYA- i just am in love with this song. The way it starts, the oo-oho oho portion, and the live recording feeling with the chorus faltering at times- all giving the feeling that this is really being sung by a couple of amateur women, and not in a studio. And that is what exactly works. Ditto. The song also has a techno version. Brilliantly done by sneha. Although a piece of advice- never tamper folk,however tempting it might be. KEH KE LOONGA- Amit trivedi and sneha herself sing this very dark,sombre and gloomy track. Not very path breaking, but nonetheless good. BHOOS- after few seconds of prelude, the singer suddenly bursts upon with his piercing voice. Overall a good track. But thats it. Nothing great. BHAIYYA- the worst song of the album. What the hell did sneha wish to do? Take a folk singer and put irritating techno beats in the background? And even put echo effects to the singer's voice? Fail. This track irritated me. I did see certain ppl defending this song on twitter. To all of them- this is not folk. Had the beats been better, this would have been better. SOONA KAR KE- one more bad track. This is folk gone too regional. Singing is one thing. Screeching is another. TAIN TAIN TO TO- after many many listens, i'm liking this track. A nonsensical tune impovised into an entire song,this will prove effective as a background. Meanwhile, if anyone of you,after a particularly tiring day, feel like dancing like mad, put this on, shut the door and start jumping;-) IK BAGAL- DUNIYA part 2. piyush mishra has written this song very well. The best lyrics i've heard in a long time. His singing as always is flawless. His other composition MANMAUJI is one of the best songs of the album. Ursi banerjee's retro voice suits the song perfectly. Hoping for a nostalgia video for this song. AE JAWAANO- both the versions are good. Kept short and entertaining. HUMNI KE CHHODI KE- a beautiful chorus-like voice with a harmonium in the background- the simplest track and a brilliant one. One can hear the thak thak of the keys of the harmonium, giving again a feeling of a live song. OVERALL- A confident album by sneha khanwalkar. While there are two tracks which are absolutely shit, the ones which i mentioned, the rest of the album is a beauty. So what i did is delete those two tracks, without trying to prove by hook or crook that they are good. Those who are real music lovers, this album is an audio treat. The gangs of sneha and piyush surely make wasseypur and ankash proud.

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