Friday, April 13, 2012

Ishaqzaade music review

If there is anyone today who can remotely come near to a.r rahman in terms of uniqueness,melody and quality, it is amit trivedi.

ISHAQZAADE begins in an UDAAN-ish way, before javed ali takes over. A decent tune, and as usual, top notch singing, this track, i felt, has a similar layout to AAHATEIN (EMET). Shreya ghoshal joins javed in the last minute, and does a good job.

CHHOKRA JAWAAN- clearly this duo of vishal and sunidhi chauhan is one of the best in present times. My reaction to the initial one minute was okay.i found the song just average.but as the song progressed,things got better. A gentle and well done change in the tempo in between, and then returning to the original tempo- LOVED IT. And the beats- aah. Pure garba and dandiya material. Vishal and sunidhi were clearly having a BALL out there, as they sing the song brilliantly, especially the jugalbandhi in between.

My personal favorite, and the favorite of almost everyone, PARESHAN, sung by shalmali kholgade is Pure AWESOMENESS. Having learnt the harmonium, it gave me immense please to hear the brilliant interludes of harmonium in-between. This songs is the best of the album.undoubtedly.

JHALLA WALLAH- It began in a similar way to O SIKANDAR (CORPORATE) And then shreya ghoshal took over, and HOW! From a stunning aalap, to some extra ordinary singing, along with some interesting lyrics, the slightly ordinary tune is totally forgotten. Waiting to see the video of this song.

ISHAQZAADE- the second title song which already had been on the internet since a week, features a very sukhwinder singh like Divya Kumar (ALAKH NIRANJAN FROM TUTIYA DIL). He is accompanied by suraj jagan,who does what he's best at! The beat of the song, plus the unique interludes of "HATT HATT HATT" and "HAAY HAAY" make this song a very good one.

It took me time to like them- especially chokra jawaan and jhalla. Initially i found the soundtrack a li'l below my expectations. But after 3 hearings, the magic finally over-powered my senses. A superb album, amit trivedi shows why he's the best in the industry today, after a.r rahman.

My ratings- 4 stars

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  1. Hey digant, I like your review, and I definitely agree that Amit Trivedi is one of the best in the industry! I also did a music review on Ishaqzaade on my blog, here's the link:
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