Sunday, March 11, 2012

That Man Called Milan Luthria

He is in the film industry since a very long time, and has given us films like kachche dhaage, deewar, chori chori. But today i'll focus on his last 4 films- taxi no. 9211, hattrick, once upon a time in mumbai and the dirty picture.

All these 4 films have been written by that genius rajat arora. And as statistics say, the dirty picture and once upon a time in mumbai were superhits and raked in a lot of money. Whereas hattrick was a dud at the box office and taxi no. Was an average film at the box office.

Personally however, the latter two films are my favorites, compared to the dirty picture and once upon a time in mumbai.

If you look at it, hattrick and taxi both revolved around the same theme- LOOK INTO YOUR OWN SELF RATHER THAN FINDING FAULTS WITH PEOPLE AROUND YOU. And that is what is the best thing about both these movies.

Taxi had two fine actors opposite each other. While john abraham was perfect for the arrogant rich spoilt son, nana patekar was as always perfect as the egoistic taxi driver. How they clash against each other, taking revenge until ultimately realizing their own flaws and follies is what made the movie gripping. Milan handled that three letter word EGO very well. He showed the egos of both of them, before finally making them glance into their own self.

Hattrick failed due to poor timing of its release. India had just been mercilessly eliminated from the world cup. In such a period, a movie on cricket was bound to flop. Agree that the kunal kapoor- rimi sen part was awful and hopeless, but the other two stories were beautiful. Consisting of 3 very reasoned actors- paresh rawal, danny and nana, milan showed his directorial skills in these two stories. And once again he gave us the message that FIRST LOOK INTO YOURSELF.THEN FIND FAULTS IN THE OTHERS. Add to that, some beautifully penned lyrics and some nice tunes by pritam gave us three songs- ek pal, kahaan kho gaya and i'm coming home. Infact even today when i'm low or not in mood, i listen to ek pal. It always manages to lift my mood.

Once upon a time in mumbai and dirty picture are not at all bad. Infact they belong to a totally different genre- one that appeals more to the ppl today. They were slickly directed, with some cult dialogues and great music.

Whatever may be the box office results, it is an irony that out of his last 4 films, the two which were made with more of heart, more of genuinety and more of real-life stuff, were the two which didnt do too great at the box office. But then, that has always been the case in bollywood, hasn't it? Well, most of the times:-)

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