Friday, March 30, 2012

Music review Jannat 2

Expectations are humungous as the team of emraan-pritam-bhatt returns. In fact it is the team of emraan pritam and kunal deshmukh, whose previous both films- Jannat and Tum Mile have had brilliant music, me being a big fan of the latter.

TU HI MERA sees pritam rope in shafqat amanat ali. Right from the initial guitar strings,you can experience the bhatt-ness. Pritam's tune is somewhere similar to his previous tracks,although i cant figure out which ones. Maybe pee loon. Thankfully,he doesn't keep the beats similar to pee loon,instead increases the tempo. That works! Great singing,as usual. This one is already making its way to the top of the charts.

TERA DEEDAR HUA- i just cant get enough of this man. He is already having a fantastic year, with chaahat (blood money) being a really well sung song. Here Rahat Fateh Ali Khan goes really high on scale, and the result is pleasantly pleasant;-) a qawwalish atmosphere, this song is easily the best one in the album. Do listen. The version by javed ali is equally good.

SANG HOON TERE- K.K and Emraan hashmi... Ain't that enough? Trademark pritam tune, this could have easily been the first track had it been a little fast. Another heard tune, this one does get a little tedious towards the end,but nonetheless, a really good track.
The other version sung by nikhil d'souza sadly doesn't work for me. He mellows in front of k.k.

RAB KA SHUKRANA- now this one definitely is a heard-before tune. Mohit chauhan sings this song well, especially the high scaled antara. Compared to the others,this one falls a little short of expectations. Not that it is a bad song, but compared to the other songs, it is just good. The reprise by anupam amod is nice.

JANNATEIN KAHAAN is awesome. The way it has been modified is nice. Adding lyrics to the part which goes "WO OH OH" in the original one is brilliant. Not at all as good as the original,but let's leave comparisons. This is definitely much much better than that k.k version of DON in DON 2. The reprise by nikhil d'souza is again strictly okay. He disappointed me with both his tracks in the album.

Overall, pritam does what he does the best when with the bhatts- creates melody, for a change. Similar to tum mile, this album too boasts of great tunes, good lyrics and some quality music. He neither experiments, nor borrows from foreign (read russian and korean) tunes.
Another totally male album which will definitely work. A fitting sequel to the original. SUPERLATIVE stuff.

RATINGS- 3 1/2

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