Sunday, March 11, 2012

kahaani movie review

Few years ago, there was this period when all of a sudden, two ghosh's entered the bollywood film industry,almost at the same time. While ken ghosh chose to go the typical bollywood way and give us ishq-vishq, sujoy ghosh and vishal-shekhar gave us the timeless JHANKAAR BEATS. Yes i name the composers along with the director because every film sujoy has made has always been backed by some superb music, be it jhankaar, home delivery or aladin.

To say that i'm a little biased towards Sujoy ghosh wont be wrong. I have always loved his direction. And so it really pained me to see him struggle with his previous 2 films,which were no doubt not extraordinary, were made with a lot of sincerity.

And then he slapped us. He slapped his critics, the media, and every single person who thought he was a bad director. He slapped us all by making KAHAANI.

Kahaani begins on a furious note.and it remains furious right till the end. Vidya bagchi who is in her third trimester pregnancy lands in kolkata and unlike the others who prefer going first to hotels, goes to the police-station to file a missing report of her husband arnab bagchi. What starts off as a simple missing investigation soon goes deep,involving the intelligence bureau. Full marks to sujoy for the detailed description of each govt department shown in the movie.

Sujoy shows a watchmaker's precision when it comes to the selection of actors. The role of rana played by parambrata chatterjee is brilliant. He is cute, subdued, pitching in a restrained performance.

The contract killer bob is someone whose act will acquire cult status in the coming time. His babyish yet irritating smile and his saying Namaskar... Ek minute.. Before ultimately taking out his gun, is awesome.

The new-york actor nawazzudin proves yet again that he is a superb actor. He is mean,rude, sharp and no-nonsense. In one word, perfect.

The small boy who is incharge of the running hot water touches your heart with a very nice performance. The scene when he hands his radio to vidya balan is very nicely done.

The remaining supporting cast including the hr manager, the aged police informer, the guest house manager- all are effective.they make an impact whenever they are on screen.

Vidya balan is impeccable. It is impossible to imagine someone else enacting this character. It HAD to be her. She delivers with such finesse that you marvel at her versatility. Be it the scenes when she breaks down while wearing the sari, or the scenes where she breaks the ice with the two kids, she does it with aplomb. She is bound to sweep all the awards yet again this year unless someone else delivers something extraordinary. Vidya proves why she is THE finest actress today.

And finally the city kolkata. I fell in love with it. Kudos to sujoy ghosh and cameraman setu for capturing kolkata like never before. Kolkata is the true hero of the film.

Music is perfect. The beautiful tabla being played at times, and the haunting music played in the climax are few instances where clinton cerejo's background makes an effect. Only two out of the 5 songs appear in the form of aami shotti bolchi and ekla chalo. What i still complain is that why did sujoy leave behind piya, tore bina and the title song? Atleast a line or two in the background would have done. But why leave behind such OUTSTANDING SONGS? This album ranks among vs's best works ever!

Editing is crisp,perfect and top notch. Finally we come to the direction. Dear mr sujoy, you are great. Hats off.

Very few thrillers manage to keep the audience attentive till the end. Sujoy does this effortlessly. It is as if he is leaving behind small clues to make the viewers catch hold of them. His direction is intelligent, very very intelligent.

When i saw the trailer of the movie, it ended with the phrase- MOTHER OF A STORY. I'm sorry,but it is the BAAP of a story. The film's highlight is the is tight,with not a single loo break. Sujoy builds up the anticipation so well that you just sit in rapt attention,trying to guess what will happen next. The climax is out of this world. A metaphorical durga puja followed by the final suspense is breath-taking and SHOCKING. I still recall The audience in the theatre literally gasped at that moment.

Final word- The suspense of such movies usually comes out quickly via the net.GO WATCH IT BEFORE SOMEONE TELLS IT TO YOU. This is sujoy ghosh's best work obviously. Some highly intelligent and quality stuff. Infact people will want to see it again in order to enjoy the twists and turns better.

MAA kasam. Kahaani is bloody brilliant stuff. BERY (Read as very) thrilling. MISS IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

My rating- 4 stars. And an extra half to sujoy ghosh. As i said,i'm a little biased towards him. Remember he gave us that gem called Jhankaar Beats.


  1. That NewYork guy is Nawazuddin Siddiquie who started his career with AK's Black Friday & was also in Paan Singh Tomar! AK's upcoming Gangs of Wasseypur has Nawazuddin in lead role. This crusade of gem actor comprises of Nawazuddin Siddiquie, Deepak Dobrial & Pitobaash! Few years ago such trinity took entry in bollywood in the form of Vinay Pathak, Ranveer Shauri & Rajat Kapoor!

    Niceely written review ! Keep it up :)

  2. Thank you:-) yes nawazzudin is indeed a fine actor.u forgot peepli live. I remember when i saw is act in new york,i was spellbound. He reminds me of atul kulkarni at times- good in emotional scenes,and good even in nasty roles.