Friday, January 13, 2012

Music review ekk deewana tha

So finally i present to you my review after having listened ten times to the songs.
DISCLAIMER- while every music reviewer is comparing this to VTV, let me clear myself that i've not heard the songs of VTV.and so i'll be totally unbiased towards any lyrics or music changes in EDT compared to VTV.

KYA HAI MOHABBAT starts off with a lilting waltz and rahman sings it perfectly. Such a song would have been perfect for mohd rafi.simple lyrics,typical off beat rahman tune and rahman's signature singing. A good start.

DOST HAI HUM- ever since i heard this line in the movie's promo, it had got me addicted. The full song is no less. Naresh iyer sings the only line in the song with aplomb. The rap is good,however is a bit more. Nonetheless, a must listen.

AAROMALE- i had heard a lot about this song and its singer joseph alphonse.and true to what i had heard,this song doesn't disappoint. A complex tune,and an even more complex voice,this song is one of those trademark rahman songs which only he can compose. This song should go well if picturized well.

HOSANNA- okay. This is the only song whose tamil version i had heard beforehand. Leon d'souza's silky voice sounds just like rashid ali's. Add to that suzanne's melodious background humming. Bliss. The rap was better in the tamil version. Although the hindi version's rap is not bad. This song will go on to rule the charts. A winner.

PHOOLON JAISI- a romantic number by clinton cerejo,this is a breezy track, aided by kalyani menon's vocals which,i presume,have been kept as they were in the tamil song. Overall,a good number.

SHARMINDA HOON- madhushree and rahman together can never go wrong.NEVER. A brilliant track,with some very good singing,this 7-minute odd track which sounds like a prayer in the last few moments,is a treat for the ears.

SUNLO ZARA- there is nothing bad about this song. Good tune,good singing. But it falls a bit too ordinary in comparison to the other songs, and compared to rahman standards. Not a long-run song.

ZOHRA JABEEN- a theme based song,i initially didnt like it too much.slowly it seeped in. Very well sung my javed ali.should be picturized well in the movie.

Then come the 4 background pieces. MOMENTS IN KERALA by prabhakar is hardly "keralian", though the song is beautiful to listen to.

JESSIE'S LAND by megha is a hum version of hosanna which leads to Sharminda hoon towards the antra.serene,peaceful,beautiful.

BROKEN PROMISES by shreya ghoshal is the ace of the album. The female version of aaromale,this song is outstanding. It shows what superlative quality of singing shreya ghoshal is capable of. Reminded me of bhor bhayi from delhi 6.hats off shreya and rahman sir.

The last one JESSIE'S DRIVING ME CRAZY is an energetic theme. It remains to be seen how this is used in the movie.

OVERALL, no complains about a.r rahman's music. He is as top notch as he can be. The lyrics-have been a much talked-about topic. At places the lyrics are good.fitting. But yes,there are places where they seem forced,or immature- "komal komal si ladki" is an example. These however are minor glitches in an otherwise awesome album. Much depends on how gautham menon uses the songs in his film,and how well do prateik and amy jackson utilize the songs.

And as for the ppl who find EDT horrible compared to VTV,they can go back to listening hard feelings,but i'm sure there will be many more like me who must have not heard the songs of VTV and will like the songs of EDT.

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