Saturday, December 17, 2011

television when i grew up

Things were different when I was a child… I wont say they were better; there was no facebook, no twitter, no mobiles, and the internet was a new toy in the market. But we had our own things to enjoy. Back during my first 10 years of life, that is from 1988 to 1998, there was school, and of course TV. Every morning vishal would entice us with DISNEY HOUR. I would spend hours both in the morning and evening watching ducktales, talespin, gummy bears, and many more. SONY had just started their new channel and every evening from to , I would sit down glued to that channel. The 3 stooges, dennis the menace (Both these shows in black and white) were outrageously hilarious. Hen there was “I dream of genie” and “Bewitched.”

How can one forget my all time favorite “Small Wonder”? I have lost count how many times I’ve watched each episode. That serial was a cult.

Cartoon network was heaven at that time. Today it has been totally spoilt by crap cartoons, but there was a time when it used to come only till Exactly at , a bomb used to go off, and the English movie channel TNT would replace cartoon network. But even in that half day, it would show tom and jerry, Scooby doo, captain planet, richie rich, popeye, mutley, yogi bear, the little lulu show,my favorite dexter’s laboratory, powerpuff girls, and of course, THE POWER ZONE featuring the Swat Cats, Centurions, Johnny
Quest. There was the quality in those days, which can never be regained today by these pokemons and digimons and what not!

As I grew older, TV became better. Now there was “Hip Hip Hurray” on Zee tv, which introduced me to the fascinating world of high school and college life. Sony brought an even better show “Just Mohabbat” which became a rage in a very short time. Other shows like “Family no.1” and “Dekh Bhai Dekh” made Sony a must see channel.

I started with F.R.I.E.N.D.S quite late, I regret that, but I soon watched all the seasons I had missed. That show was a must watch for all of us teenagers during that time.
But the thing I regret the most is that I started watching the show “FULL HOUSE” very late. Damn! Why didn’t I see star world earlier in my childhood. This one was just too awesome. The twin sisters playing Michelle, and all the other characters were just too good. Another show which even today remains one of my all time favorite shows is “HOME IMPROVEMENT.” Starring tim allen as tim the toolman taylor and his clumsy yet lovable friend Al, it was a brilliant comedy.

Gradually, most of this stopped being aired on TV. I lost touch with the new shows being started, mainly due to my studies.

How I yearn even today for these shows!
Television was better in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, don’t you agree???

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  1. aur ek bar fir musibat tal gayi powerpuff girls ki badaulat.... awesome memory.... thanks for sharing it...janmejay