Saturday, November 12, 2011

Music Review UDAAN

This one is one of my all time favorite albums ever. After a.r rahman, if there’s anyone who can match his kind of music, it is amit trivedi. In udaan, amit trivedi teams up with amitabh bhattacharya and anurag kashyap a second time after the much successful dev D.

“Aankhon ke pardon” starts of slowly, with a guitar. Slowly the tempo builds and the track turns to be a beautiful number sung by neuman pinto and joi barua. Perfectly placed in the beginning of the movie, this song starts off quietly and ends as a soft rock number.

“Geet mein dhalte” starts with a piano piece. Sung by amitabh bhattacharya and amit trivedi, this is a soft rock song with really good lyrics. Again, a well placed song in the movie. The haunting chorus is a high point of the song.

“Nadi mein talab hai” initially sounds like a song from the 1990’s with cathedral like piano, but soon amit trivedi and neuman pinto’s voice take over. With again some beautiful lyrics, this one is a winner all the way. Again, the chorus here is wonderful. It is a pity this song wasn’t included in the movie.

Amit trivedi gets the agnee singer Mohan to sing “Naav”. A beautifully written number, this is one of the best songs of udaan. Mohan sings it brilliantly, and amit trivedi’s arrangements are bang on. The song is perfectly placed in the movie. Brilliant stuff.

“Motu master” is a situational track, which has a herd of singers pitching in. unfortunately, it is not too much to hear. You may give it a skip after listening two lines, just as they did in the movie.

Finally comes “Aazaadiyaan”, my favorite number. Right from the opening guitar notes, this one enraptured me. Amit trivedi and neuman pinto sing it brilliantly, with the use of soothing instruments, ultimately giving way to a hair raising end. This one is superb. An apt song for the climax of the movie.

The last song is the udaan theme, which is an instrumental song. A piano theme, this theme plays many times throughout the movie, and is a beautiful melody. After a particular tiring day, if you are in a mood for something soft, put this instrumental piece on in the loop mood on your ipod.

Overall. Udaan is some superlative quality stuff from amit trivedi. The entire album is a work of a genius. A must must listen for those who love soft rock.

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  1. Full justice to the creators of Udaan. Well reviewed Digant. I would like to add one thing. "Geet Mein dhalte" is much claimed as the 2nd part of "Ek hulchal Si" from DEVD. I did find some similarities, but more importantly, both of these songs manages to wobble around with tantalizing notes of guitars. Ohh....AAA of Team Udaan are as awesome as AAAA of Team Taal...:)