Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music review Don 2

Zara dil ko thaam lo, because the king is back..

After one of the slickest action flicks bollywood has ever witnessed in the form of don, farhan akhtar is back wit DON 2. As always, the very dependable trio shankar-ehsaan-loy are behind the helm of affairs in the music department. But do they deliver yet again? Let's see.

Before any singers step in, SRK himself starts the album with one of his dialogues from the movie. What a novel way to begin the audio track of a sequel. Classy!

Anusha mani and vishal dadlani deliver ZARA DIL KO THAAM LO perfectly. While anusha's haunting vocals go perfectly in sync with the mood of the song, it is the sinister-sounding vishal who aces the track. This song is tailor-made for the guy. If there's anyone who is making vishal deliver hit after hit, it is not vishal shekhar. It is S-E-L.

HAI YE MAAYA starts off in a similar fashion as the previous track.but woah,you are in for a surprise- USHA UTHUP. Not at all unfamiliar with this genre, she sings flawlessly. Aiding her vocals are some really heavy drums and lots of other instruments which make the song a winner. A special mention for javed akhtar's lyrics here.they are superb.

DUSHMAN MERA sung by sunitha sarathay and shankar mahadevan AGAIN ventures into the same territory as the previous two tracks. Finally in this song,you hear the signature tune used in the original DON. A retro ish song, this one is not awesome. Average.

THE KING IS BACK is where SEL go back completely to the original tune. But again,the orchestration is bang on. Heavy, with a beautiful piano interlude in between,this track will appear everywhere in the movie. Good one.

The moment i read the name of the track MUJHKO PEHCHAANLO, i knew this would be the same track which earlier shaan had sung. This time, SEL rope in K.K to deliver. A mixture of some old lyrics and some new ones,tune-wise this one is almost similar to shaan's version. I personally didnt like the choice of singer. K.K doesn't sound appropriate for this one. You need a really sinister bad voice for such a song. Shaan or even vishal would have escalated this song to an entirely new level. Not bad this one,though.

The last track is an instrumental song named THE DON WALTZ. True to its name,this is a classical waltz,with yet again the same tune as the background. A track which should find a place somewhere in the narrative,this one is nothing extraordinary. After a long time,i heard a waltz in an album.the last time i guess LAGAAN had a waltz.

To sum up the entire album in one word, it is GRAND- in terms of melody,orchestra and the feel. For those who thought that the entire track is monotonous and dark, well that's how it is. You cannot have a MAURYA MAURYA or KHAIKE PAAN BANARASWALA here, because that guy already died in the previous movie.

Something different from the trio, this one proves that they can give us something other than just plain romantic and sufi numbers.

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